Neuroscientist points out evidence that the character may be exceptional in this field of intelligence

Have you ever heard of DWRI intelligence? There are various forms of intelligence; however, unlike the concept of intelligence that can be measured by the famous IQ tests, DWRI intelligence encompasses a broader concept of abilities that must be analyzed individually. And it is precisely in one of the most emblematic characters of the series that an example of this impressive type of skill can be found: Thomas Shelby.

What is DWRI intelligence?

The acronym DWRI stands for “Development of wide regions of intellectual interference,” a brand-new concept of intelligence discovered in 2021.

According to neuroscientist Dr. Fabiano de Abreu, a new columnist for the Game Observatory, this can be understood as the mastery of emotional intelligence. It is the reason that surpasses emotion, meaning the ability to use and control the prefrontal cortex. An individual who possesses this intelligence has a broader brain plasticity capacity. In other words, the individual is in control, and this is reflected in many aspects, as indicated by articles based on Fabiano’s knowledge.

The concept is related to the use of regions and connections that contribute to intelligence in general. Humans become more agreeable when they can rationalize practical matters in their social relationships. We start to feel and express ourselves better when we articulate the limbic system with the neocortex. We begin to work with our emotions more intelligently.

The emotional brain is primitive and thus tends to respond immediately to stimuli. When we learn to intellectualize the responses of the emotional brain, we become more agreeable and articulate. Acting in this way is acting intelligently. DWRI Intelligence is present in people with a high IQ percentile and without any cognitive disorders.

But what does it mean to have DWRI intelligence?

Having DWRI intelligence means being able to develop all types of intelligence, encompassing your genetic heritage, interests, and life experiences, which ultimately result in a global intelligence rather than one directed without any cognitive variables.

DWRI intelligence is hereditary, and people who possess it tend to be more thoughtful and balanced, with a strong capacity for emotional control. Even though they are fully aware of their capabilities, they remain humble and do not succumb to narcissism or egocentrism. Such characteristics can be observed in the character’s posture in the Peaky Blinders series: Thomas Shelby.

Thomas has a high level of DWRI

Thomas Shelby, the main character of the story, is the leader of a gang, the Peaky Blinders, who control the city of Birmingham. He is authoritative, fearless, and highly intelligent. The character’s “coolness,” for example, can be seen as an extremely rational personality trait. He has the power to control his own limbic system through the prefrontal cortex.

Tommy Shelby, even in chaotic situations, always seeks calm reflection. This is an extremely difficult feat, but people with DWRI intelligence do not find it challenging.

Shelby can also be evaluated by his body posture, always appearing unconcerned, which is the awareness that expressions adhere to cognition and create defined impressions. It is something done with intelligence and, in DWRI individuals, it is natural, typical of well-developed cognition.

There are several other behaviors that can be incorporated into the definition of DWRI intelligence, such as a love for reading, a desire to learn, knowledge of various sectors, the ability not to judge, and spontaneous leadership spirit. DWRI individuals are the ‘leaders’ who do not appear to be ‘bosses’ and thus win people over, creating a bond of dependence, approval, and admiration.

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