By Filipe Palma

Colorless and stormy days these are
Many years ago I saw the last bird fly
Envy… that it went so… so far
And I was left with the rain as my cry
Am I nothing am I something?
For a long time I’ve been stuck
Wandering and wondering…
Am I priceless or out of luck?

I’ll keep walking, waiting…
In the puddles that never evaporated
While the Hiding Sun is stating
“Step on them as you are fated”

One… two… steps
I take a turn right… But then again, left
Trying to avoid various traps
Just to get caged in a cleft

I manage to get out afterward
Finished, still I decide to take my third step
This time straight forward
My last try, alone I shlep

The light starts to fit in
As I close my eyes to hear
A known entity, which can’t be seen
I feel the heat, I feel it near

The voice vibrates in perfect synergy
With my mind, my lost soul, my inner bird
“You have waken up from your liturgy to
retrieve your place, the flesh was nothing but a sherd”

The Sun shined
The sparrow sang, like me, rhymed
And I finally flew
As it was supposed to
Trinity was always my destiny
In this whole Infinity

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