By Maria Claudia Faverio

It was a clear summer night with a light breeze, and Stargazer was sitting on the verandah counting the stars. “Please, come in! It’s 2 am!”, shouted his wife from the bedroom. Stargazer could observe different types of stars, bright, bizarre stars, with his telescope, and was so delighted that he didn’t even hear her. So she went out to fetch him. “I’ll come in if you can answer this question, Sweetheart”, announced Stargazer. “Can you see how many stars there are this night? There are more than one group, darling, and each group contains the same number of stars. There are between 200 and 300 stars. I cannot tell you how many stars there are altogether, or you would know how many groups there are. If you can tell me how many stars and how many groups there are, I’ll come inside. ” His wife couldn’t answer, and he stayed on the verandah all night. Can you?If you would like to know what the answers is, contact Maria.

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