In quantum physics, the bosons are elementary particles responsible for “carrying” the forces (gravity, electromagnetism, strong force, weak force and massgiving.), but there is a yet undiscovered boson, a missing link that should be the “carrier” of the force of gravity. This recent theory explores the possibilty of the Higgs boson, responsible for giving mass to subatomic particles, being responsible for causing the force of gravity.  

 The Higgs boson interacts with other particles through the Higgs field, which can be thought of as a non-Newtonian fluid similar to the mixture of water and cornstarch, that has a viscosity proportional to the force applied to it. This means that the closer a massive particle gets to the speed of light, a higher force it applies to the Higgs field and a higher resistance is applied. This makes it impossible to go faster than the speed of light.

 Since the Higgs boson is responsible for mass, and mass causes gravity, there is a logical connection in the core of this theory, and it implies other major links between the Higgs field and space-time itself. When a massive particle interacts with the Higgs field, it causes a increase in the density of the “fluid” in its present position, triggering a wave that has the exact same effect as the gravitational force. Furthermore, the Higgs field never stabilizes back into an equilibrium because it’s a closed system, always maintaining the same amount of energy.

 This model was tested with principles from the theory of general relativity like: time dilation, space contraction and inertia; and prevailed in all of them.

 This new theory will certainly change the way we think abuot the Higgs boson and its interactions with the rest of the universe, possibly revealing new misteries to unravel.

Written by: Gabriel Bastos Andrade                                                                                 

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