Puzzles by John Kaspo

( My first ever created puzzle! ) “While helping an old lady across the street, he sees his brother at the busstop. They are called Peter and Kyle.” Who is who and why? John Kaspo, 6/2006 Will she succeed in clearing all the obstacles with her horse and get the best time? “Being the last […]


By Maria Claudia Faverio It was a clear summer night with a light breeze, and Stargazer was sitting on the verandah counting the stars. “Please, come in! It’s 2 am!”, shouted his wife from the bedroom. Stargazer could observe different types of stars, bright, bizarre stars, with his telescope, and was so delighted that he […]

‘The Snowman’ and ‘The Magic Word’

By Lloyd King Snowman Which month is indicated in this wintery scene: April, May, June, July or August? The Magic Word After hours of searching the castle you eventually find the mysterious Room 88 at the end of a long gloomy corridor. Appropriately enough, it has “R88” on it. You try to open the door, […]

‘The Wizard’s Spell’ and ‘Paw Poem’

By Barry R. ClarkeThe Wizard’s Spell ‘The Wizard’s Spell’ Legend has it that the ruler of Salad City, Count Lettuce, had a reputation for cruelty. He would demand unreasonable quantities of tomatoes in tax and charge outrageous amounts of mayonnaise as rent on his properties. At Carrot Castle, the Sorceror was so furious about his […]