By Grant Fisher

A prisoner on life’s canvas
I asked a humming bird,
“Is beauty youth
Or beauty truth
Or beauty just a word?”
The answer that he gave me
Was sweet and pure and true,
For all the sounds
Where life abounds
Are fair from any view

We search for beauty everywhere,
We try to give a form
To all that is
And all that lives
An make our dreams the norm

Then struggle against nature,
Deluded and alone,
To change our fate
Or find a mate
Before our looks are gone

But little do we know,
While youth and time is ours,
More beauty hides
Behind our eyes
Than in the brightest flowers


I lie awake
My heart beats on
The wind still howls outside my window
I try to sleep
I close my eyes
But slumber hides her selfish face

As I toss and turn
Beneath the moon
My past flies up to tease my brain

And wishing I could change what’s been
(And wondering what’s to come)
My life keeps passing by…

The Eureka Effect

There’s beauty in poetic things
That’s plain to you and me
But, oh what joy a puzzle brings
When suddenly you see!

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