A deep sense of justice, empathy and strong logical-analytical skills are components of those with over 145 IQ points

The study “Höchstbegabte Erwachsene: Ihr persönliches Erleben der Begabung und ihre Erfahrung mit Psychotherapie”, led by Christina Heil, explores the subjective experiences of highly gifted adults and their experiences with psychotherapy. The research included 72 participants with an IQ of 145 or higher, using a qualitative approach with in-depth interviews and analysis of personal accounts. […]

13-year-old Brazilian is a medalist in the International Mathematical Olympiad

The young Chilean-Brazilian Gabriel Bastos Andrade, only 13 years old, was featured in the last edition of the International Mathematical Aptitude Olympiad (GJMAT – Global Junior Math Aptitud test). Gabriel has 155 IQ points, is a member of three High IQ Societies — Intertel, IIS and the ISI Society, one of the most restricted in the […]

ISI Society expands resources for Gifted Members with Scientific Journal Partnerships

The ISI Society, an elite high-IQ society that gathers individuals above the 99.93 percentile in IQ tests and with notable creative achievements, has announced a promising new benefit for its members: free access to partnered scientific journals starting next month. This initiative aims to provide valuable resources to its gifted members, facilitating access to scientific […]

The most reliable and widely used IQ Tests in the world

Introduction Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests are essential tools for measuring human cognitive abilities and are used in various educational and professional contexts. Quantifying Intelligence Quotient (IQ) through psychometric assessments is a fundamental pillar in cognitive and differential psychology. This document provides a careful analysis of various IQ assessment tools, discussing their psychometric properties, applicability, and […]

Artificial Intelligence is not suitable for all types of brains

By: Dr. Fabiano de Abreu Agrela – Post-PhD in Neuroscience and biologist A writer’s account of their experience with AI: This has to do with neural connections, of course. Individuals with more developed brain connections, like those with higher IQs, already have a dynamic similar to AI internally, making the absorption of knowledge a biological […]

Let’s talk about the memory pathway on a neurobiological level, describing the process of encoding, consolidation and retrieval.

1. Encoding Encoding is the initial process of perceiving and recognizing a stimulus or piece of information, converting it into a format that can be stored in the brain. – Areas involved: Prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, amygdala (for emotional memories) and specific sensory areas (e.g. visual cortex for visual information). Example: Let’s consider a memory of […]

Thomas Shelby is the most famous example of DWRI intelligence; Learn what it is

Neuroscientist points out evidence that the character may be exceptional in this field of intelligence Have you ever heard of DWRI intelligence? There are various forms of intelligence; however, unlike the concept of intelligence that can be measured by the famous IQ tests, DWRI intelligence encompasses a broader concept of abilities that must be analyzed […]

Symbiont Conversion Theory 

By Claus D. Volko, MD, MSc Abstract  Symbiont Conversion Theory is a new scientific theory, summarizing and generalizing efforts that  have been made by various researchers in the past years; it could even be perceived as a new  scientific paradigm. This theory states that microorganisms and cells which are commonly  considered to display parasitic behaviour […]

The Synthesis of Metaphysics and Jungian Personality Theory

By Claus D. Volko A debate on Facebook dealing with the idea that one could continue living after his/her death if one uploaded the contents of one‘s brain onto a computer has stimulated me to thinking about the relationship between mind and matter. The conclusions I have come up with are far reaching: they explain […]