Puzzles 4 Pleasure

By Barry R. Clarke Published by Cambridge University Press in 1994, this classic work by Barry R. Clarke contains a variety of highly original and entertaining teasers from logic and liar puzzles to challenging digital deletions to innovative lateral mind benders. Though the puzzles require no special mathematical knowledge, even members of Mensa will be […]

Workout For a Balanced Brain

By Philip Carter and Ken Russell This book offers a delightful way for the cognitively curious to discover their own brain bias (left side/right side weakness and strengths), and then fortify the side that needs attention. Contains rigorous training exercises that result in enhanced mental power in every area.

Strange Brains and Genius

By Cliff Pickover In this unusual and penetrating work, Clifford Pickover — internationally recognized science popularizer — takes us on a wild ride through the bizarre lives of brilliant, but eccentric geniuses who made significant contributions to science and philosophy. Unveiling the hidden secrets of a number of the most intelligent and prolific real-life mad […]