Can people with high IQ be ideologically blind? 

Ideological blindness, a phenomenon where individuals have difficulty processing or accepting information that contradicts their pre-established beliefs, involves several areas of the brain associated with both emotional and cognitive processing. The aim of investigating the relationship with the same brain regions in people with high IQ is to define the interference of intelligence in this […]

IQ Assessment: The Challenges of Proxy Measures and the Need for Precision

In the ongoing quest for effective and practical tools in neuropsychological assessment, the rapid estimation of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) emerges as a frequently highlighted necessity among professionals in the field. However, a recent study conducted by Spinks et al. (2009) offers important reflections on the validity and accuracy of these quick estimates, especially when compared […]

Knowledge Distances You from the Fantasy That Drives You Through Mystery

By Fabiano de Abreu What eats away at me the most is my own duality. On one hand, I recognize my abilities and creativity; on the other, I find myself constrained by deep emotional barriers that prevent me from turning these virtues into material prosperity. I gave up college to carve my own path independently, […]

Babies Who Enjoy Sour Tastes May Have Higher IQs

By Dr. Fabiano de Abreu Agrela Contemporary scientific literature has explored, albeit inconclusively, the potential correlation between a predilection for sour flavors and elevated intelligence quotient (IQ) indicators in both children and adults. In this opinion piece, I discuss the validity and implications of these findings, assess the robustness of the empirical data, and suggest […]

What do people with very high IQs do all day?

By Sarah Fitzpatrick Mine IQ was >160 last time I was tested, so I’m fairly sure I qualify. These are the main things I’ve found that seem to distinguish me from friends with lower IQs: I tend to be mentally active all the time, I rarely watch TV or sit thinking about nothing (I do […]

Higgs gravity theory

In quantum physics, the bosons are elementary particles responsible for “carrying” the forces (gravity, electromagnetism, strong force, weak force and massgiving.), but there is a yet undiscovered boson, a missing link that should be the “carrier” of the force of gravity. This recent theory explores the possibilty of the Higgs boson, responsible for giving mass […]

Why do some people have below-average IQ?

In seeking to understand variations in human intelligence, we should explore scientific findings pointing to the biological roots of Intelligence Quotient (IQ). This intriguing landscape reveals that various brain characteristics, from genetic polymorphisms to structural organization, contribute to disparities in IQ. Smaller brains marked by inefficient neural arrangements are associated with lower IQ. Brain dimensions, […]

“On the road from Sodom to Gomorrah”

By David Udbjorg In his latest stained glass panel, “On the road from Sodom to Gomorrah” (Approx. 50 x 70 cm). Art made from scrap glass collected by Udbjorg free of charge from a glass workshop in Katowice, Poland.

Growing Out of the Past as a Seed for the Future

By Simon Olling Rebsdorf Introduction of Hope The above indication of the year (02018) is not flawed. It tests the possible effect of denoting years not in thousands, but in tens of thousands, in that way indirectly installing a potential hope for imagining a future much further away than we usually tend to think about. […]