Can people with high IQ be ideologically blind? 

Ideological blindness, a phenomenon where individuals have difficulty processing or accepting information that contradicts their pre-established beliefs, involves several areas of the brain associated with both emotional and cognitive processing. The aim of investigating the relationship with the same brain regions in people with high IQ is to define the interference of intelligence in this […]

Knowledge Distances You from the Fantasy That Drives You Through Mystery

By Fabiano de Abreu What eats away at me the most is my own duality. On one hand, I recognize my abilities and creativity; on the other, I find myself constrained by deep emotional barriers that prevent me from turning these virtues into material prosperity. I gave up college to carve my own path independently, […]

IQ defines intelligence and influences other intelligences

A non-profit society dedicated to bringing together high IQ and creativity for the betterment of the world and fostering a community rich in intelligence and creativity. Member Area Not only the volume and thickness of gray matter in the brain (neuron cell bodies) but also the integrity and function of white matter (myelinated axons) in […]