IQ Assessment: The Challenges of Proxy Measures and the Need for Precision

In the ongoing quest for effective and practical tools in neuropsychological assessment, the rapid estimation of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) emerges as a frequently highlighted necessity among professionals in the field. However, a recent study conducted by Spinks et al. (2009) offers important reflections on the validity and accuracy of these quick estimates, especially when compared […]

ISI Society expands resources for Gifted Members with Scientific Journal Partnerships

The ISI Society, an elite high-IQ society that gathers individuals above the 99.93 percentile in IQ tests and with notable creative achievements, has announced a promising new benefit for its members: free access to partnered scientific journals starting next month. This initiative aims to provide valuable resources to its gifted members, facilitating access to scientific […]

Babies Who Enjoy Sour Tastes May Have Higher IQs

By Dr. Fabiano de Abreu Agrela Contemporary scientific literature has explored, albeit inconclusively, the potential correlation between a predilection for sour flavors and elevated intelligence quotient (IQ) indicators in both children and adults. In this opinion piece, I discuss the validity and implications of these findings, assess the robustness of the empirical data, and suggest […]

The most reliable and widely used IQ Tests in the world

Introduction Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests are essential tools for measuring human cognitive abilities and are used in various educational and professional contexts. Quantifying Intelligence Quotient (IQ) through psychometric assessments is a fundamental pillar in cognitive and differential psychology. This document provides a careful analysis of various IQ assessment tools, discussing their psychometric properties, applicability, and […]

What do people with very high IQs do all day?

By Sarah Fitzpatrick Mine IQ was >160 last time I was tested, so I’m fairly sure I qualify. These are the main things I’ve found that seem to distinguish me from friends with lower IQs: I tend to be mentally active all the time, I rarely watch TV or sit thinking about nothing (I do […]

Artificial Intelligence is not suitable for all types of brains

By: Dr. Fabiano de Abreu Agrela – Post-PhD in Neuroscience and biologist A writer’s account of their experience with AI: This has to do with neural connections, of course. Individuals with more developed brain connections, like those with higher IQs, already have a dynamic similar to AI internally, making the absorption of knowledge a biological […]

Member featured in the press

This Sunday, in an exclusive interview with The Sun of England, our member and regent Dr. Fabiano de Abreu shared details about his innovative method of prevention, evolution, and development to optimize the performance of athletes in various countries. He discussed how his approach is positively influencing the financial market in football and contributing to […]