Where can a flower bloom without a sway?

I’ve been shaken to my core,Yet concrete surrounds me in abundance.The warm sunlight that once nurtured me has gone away,The hopes I’ve scattered through my trembling,Perish, crushed upon the cold, hardened concrete.Sunlight vanished, leaving only engraved hopes to overflow,You, who loved my voice, closed your ears,You, who cherished my words, shut your eyes.Fear’s swamp engulfs […]

I’m dreaming

Floating away in the sea of ​​thoughts, I, the flower bloomer, We grow the world by sowing the seeds of knowledge, We want to find a new path. Turning countless pages, I will create the future under the tree of thought, My story without a shadow. Searching for the well of humility, Recognize and learn […]


By GABRIEL BASTOS ANDRADE Será que este mundo Es más que un simple verso? Esta pregunta responderemos Si vamos espacio adentro? Desde estructuras de planetas Hasta infinitas teorías. Cuántas serán Todas las rimas? Que hay de las estrellas? Brillando con tal emoción, Formando constelaciones Que rujen a todo vapor. Libra, Sagitario y Escorpión Tauro, Piscis […]

Let’s talk about the memory pathway on a neurobiological level, describing the process of encoding, consolidation and retrieval.

1. Encoding Encoding is the initial process of perceiving and recognizing a stimulus or piece of information, converting it into a format that can be stored in the brain. – Areas involved: Prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, amygdala (for emotional memories) and specific sensory areas (e.g. visual cortex for visual information). Example: Let’s consider a memory of […]

Thomas Shelby is the most famous example of DWRI intelligence; Learn what it is

Neuroscientist points out evidence that the character may be exceptional in this field of intelligence Have you ever heard of DWRI intelligence? There are various forms of intelligence; however, unlike the concept of intelligence that can be measured by the famous IQ tests, DWRI intelligence encompasses a broader concept of abilities that must be analyzed […]

The winter

Winter is here, The tree pondered, Not long from now, the precious leaves that gracefully hung, Covering its branches, will all fall away. Then, a faint sound was heard, A sound without regret, yet wistful and lingering. We’ll meet again next time, So I’m alright, And one by one, the remaining leaves on the branches […]

The Healer 

By Filipe Palma He is better than the knightGreater than the kingFor one’s armor reflects too much lightThe other is legitimate as his wedding ring Those lack no money but peace of mindGlistening everywhere but in the heartWhat is there left for them to find?If they can see the mirror but in a life that […]

The sacred trinity

By Filipe Palma Colorless and stormy days these areMany years ago I saw the last bird flyEnvy… that it went so… so farAnd I was left with the rain as my cryAm I nothing am I something?For a long time I’ve been stuckWandering and wondering…Am I priceless or out of luck? I’ll keep walking, waiting…In […]

The Creative Desire

By Eduardo Costa Among thy kindred forg’d, I was before;Thy former crimson sword — I am that old.My line is spoken word, and thirst for more;Each lie or jest contriv’d, a verse untold…Because my verb createth through thy decree,I chang’d the role assign’d and hid thy lead.That lovely envy broke thy players free;The plot design’d […]

“On the road from Sodom to Gomorrah”

By David Udbjorg In his latest stained glass panel, “On the road from Sodom to Gomorrah” (Approx. 50 x 70 cm). Art made from scrap glass collected by Udbjorg free of charge from a glass workshop in Katowice, Poland.