Puzzles 4 Pleasure

By Barry R. Clarke Published by Cambridge University Press in 1994, this classic work by Barry R. Clarke contains a variety of highly original and entertaining teasers from logic and liar puzzles to challenging digital deletions to innovative lateral mind benders. Though the puzzles require no special mathematical knowledge, even members of Mensa will be […]

Workout For a Balanced Brain

By Philip Carter and Ken Russell This book offers a delightful way for the cognitively curious to discover their own brain bias (left side/right side weakness and strengths), and then fortify the side that needs attention. Contains rigorous training exercises that result in enhanced mental power in every area.

Strange Brains and Genius

By Cliff Pickover In this unusual and penetrating work, Clifford Pickover — internationally recognized science popularizer — takes us on a wild ride through the bizarre lives of brilliant, but eccentric geniuses who made significant contributions to science and philosophy. Unveiling the hidden secrets of a number of the most intelligent and prolific real-life mad […]

Growing Out of the Past as a Seed for the Future

By Simon Olling Rebsdorf Introduction of Hope The above indication of the year (02018) is not flawed. It tests the possible effect of denoting years not in thousands, but in tens of thousands, in that way indirectly installing a potential hope for imagining a future much further away than we usually tend to think about. […]

Magic of Tut-Ankh-Amun

By Robert Brizel Most people presume that when the tomb of an ancient Egyptian Pharoah is excavated, that that the tomb was especially built for the deceased king. Contrary to public belief, the tomb of the great King Tut-Ankh-Amun was not meant for the deceased young king at all, despite all of the riches and […]

Beyond Consciousness

Thanks to Darwin, we understood that the human being, cousin of the monkey, had a history, that it is the fruit of an evolution. The concept of history, through the concept of evolution, could apply to the life in general, whereas it was limited until there to the development and the decline of human civilizations, […]

Manifesto of the Manifest

By Laurent Dubois Teasing 2500 years ago, my “Socrates” form said: “Know yourself”.My “Socrates” form applied to my other human forms.Now, I’m aware that this sentence applies to myself as a whole;I can’t say “I’m the universe aware of itself” because that would confirm the classical distinction between the observer and the observed thing; not […]

Time Travel, Logic and Speculation II

By Laurent Dubois In the first article, the infinite oscillation of being in the “grandfather paradox” led us to the conclusion that the “grandfather paradox”, the “paradox of knowledge” and the “sensibility to the initial or final conditions” or “temporal butterfly effect” constituted 3 variations of one and the same paradox. In order to solve […]

Time Travel, Logic and Speculation

By Laurent Dubois  What’s the logical point of view on the possibility of the time travel at will to whatever time of the relative past or future, with or without machine? The analysis will be essentially dedicated to the assumption of the travel in the future because its possibility seems less obvious than that of […]

Temporal Collision Conjecture

By Laurent Dubois  The question of the determination of a privileged time’s arrow tickles the neurons of the most brilliant scientists, writers and philosophers since about 150 years. Let’s show a surprising and frightening possible consequence of the absence of an absolute time’s arrow, all the more frightening that totally unpredictable! Prelude: Origin of time […]